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ERP software redesign

Redesigning UX/UI of a legacy enterprise software




4 months


Design Audit, UX/UI Design, Development


Web & Mobile

Gold Image Printing is LA’s largest web-to-print company. We were awarded the project to redesign their eCommerce website and ERP system. An outdated UX UI and reduced productivity due to constant task failures was the reason driving their redesign decision. We aimed to resolve their problems by redesigning & automating order processes and bringing consistency to the ERP user experience.

Enterprise design process

User Experience

User Interface Design



#tcules #ux #uxdesign #erp #enterprisesoftware
Enterprise design approach

Design Audit

Given the nature of the ERP software, it was important to identify issues based on multiple sources of truth. We spent time understanding and analyzing the order management process, the user flow when using the system, comfort and pain points, stakeholder observations and multiple analytics data sets.

When it comes to redesigning systems, no matter how problematic, that people have gotten used to over time it is very important to not disturb the user flow or steepen the learning curve. After all, we want to improve the ERP’s productivity and appeal.

The result of the Audit was that we could now pinpoint the exact problems we had to fix. Automating processes, improving order management experience, to name two.

Component based approach

We decided to follow a component based approach to ease users into the new system. The application that handled the order management and overall administration of the ecommerce system was built over a decade ago and while the features kept adding, the UI remained the same. We designed small, simple and easy to use components and decided to update the existing system in a piecemeal fashion.

We optimized the forms, the workflows after detailed consultation with the staff over several wireframing iterations. Since the staff was already using this application, we had to take utmost care in deciding which changes to make because any change that goes against the staff intuition could result in loss of productivity.

#tcules #ux #uxdesign #erp #enterprisesoftware
#tcules #ux #uxdesign #erp #enterprisesoftware
#tcules #erp #enterprise #ux #uxdesign #casestudy #enterprisesoftware
Gold Image Printing
"Internal and external feedback has been positive. The team at Tcules Infotech is professional, timely, and responsive. Their communicative approach stands out."
David Aghaei

Senior Partner

Style guide

A consistent UI is not only an important part of the frontend interface but also that of a backend system. The client wanted to have a sophisticated look and feel for the website. We had suggested using gold, dark grey colours as a primary and light blue for accent wherever possible. The similar scheme was used for the admin system as well to maintain consistency.

Hybrid Wireframing

A hybrid wireframing approach was used to give the client an idea of what their ERP would look like post changes. Once finalised, we stitched the high-fidelity wireframes into a UI prototype and it was ready for development.
#tcules #erp #enterprise #ux #uxdesign #casestudy #enterprisesoftware
Final Outcome

  1. The result of the ERP redesign is that the client now has a modern looking, easy to use ERP system.
  2. This has helped the client’s employees increase productivity, reduce operating costs.

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