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Enterprise Software

Enterprise software with great UX focuses on increasing productivity, reducing costs, simplifying core operations and improving customer service. However, UX remains an afterthought for most enterprise software makers. The market favours a well-designed enterprise SaaS product over legacy, feature-heavy software.

The most common reason for the current state of enterprise software is that the key design decisions are taken by software engineers. In this approach, the focus remains on adding more features as fast as possible.

From a buyer’s perspective, the stakeholders responsible for purchasing the enterprise systems seldom use them. And thus are unaware of the negative impact they have on an employee’s mindset and productivity.

We have been designing SaaS products, redesigning legacy software and reimagining ERP software for the last 5 years. Our deep expertise in designing UX and UI for enterprise software has allowed us to build our own UX framework. Through our enterprise design thinking, we conduct design audits, perform UX research, optimise information architecture, rapidly wireframe the use cases, create beautiful UI and build scalable design systems.

Our approach to designing for
enterprise software

Consumer-grade UX

Users are accustomed to using applications with a consumer-grade UX in their personal lives, but their work lives tell a different story. Owing to the outdated nature of the ERP experience, most users are never able to fully utilise it. They resort to time-consuming and tedious manual methods that lead to a drop in productivity. Tcules can help you avoid this by designing consumer-grade UX for enterprise applications.

Role-based design

Different employees working in different roles, performing different functions use the same enterprise software. Therefore, we like to design keeping in mind not just user needs but also job functions. This calls for us to understand their jobs & defined roles in their company, their motivations, field terminologies etc. This helps us design experiences that make the user feel comfortable while using the enterprise software.


The scalability of a design system is directly correlated to its longevity. And design systems are a great tool to enhance the scalability of enterprise software. We can help you create design systems that contain guidelines, colour palettes, typography details, UI patterns etc. that not only help make the enterprise software scalable and consistent but also save future design & development costs.

Experiences over features

The number of features in software is often considered to be a measure of success. And although it may seem like adding features is a good thing, it becomes quite a burden to maintain as time passes. Especially, when not a lot of people use those features. Thus, we like to focus more on creating intuitive and delightful experiences with just the right number of features.

Want to know how we iterate consumer-grade UX in enterprise design?

A case study on the UX research & redesigning of a legacy software and creating a design system for their marketing platform.

Ryzeo Case Study

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    What separates Tcules from other enterprise software designers in the industry?

    At Tcules, we understand the complexities involved in designing enterprise software - legacy code, outdated UX, stakeholder hesitancy, user habits, etc. And having designed successful enterprise products, we’ve learnt what it takes to simplify them. We also understand that stakeholders might not necessarily be the users of the product and thus like to rely heavily on user research for design decisions.

    How can an enterprise software redesign help your users?

    Enterprise software isn’t often audited or redesigned because the people with the decision-making ability are not direct users of it. Redesigning enterprise software can help you standardise business operations, improve employee collaboration, give users a competitive advantage, improve reporting and data reliability etc. which would improve employee productivity and help achieve business goals efficiently.

    How much do enterprise software projects usually cost?

    The cost of enterprise software projects depends on the scale of the application and so it is impossible to give an average estimate. We usually charge $25 to $50 per hour based on the complexity and size of the project. And our typical UX projects range anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 and could go well above $50,000 depending on the scope.

    Will the redesign have any impact on your existing users?

    Most redesign projects do not have any impact on the user. However, it is important to note that the larger the magnitude of the project, the higher the chances of there being a minor impact.