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As a FinTech design agency, we’ve got expertise in designing software products ranging from lending, wealth management, digital wallets, cryptocurrency platforms to trading applications. We design both enterprise and consumer-facing products as per the ongoing Fintech design trends.

We focus on holistic user-centred design to create solutions that bring to life great experiences and brands.

#tcules #ux #uxdesign #agency #fintech

Our approach to
fintech UX design while designing softwares

Frictionless onboarding

Fintech users generally experience emotions both positive and negative. While they love the convenience of being able to carry out their financial activities online, they just as much dislike the hassle when it fails. This is where frictionless user onboarding comes into the picture.

Secure and trustworthy experience

When designing for Fintech, our key observations for user needs are financial security and familiar technology. Most users are concerned about security and not very well-versed with technology.

Reduce the fear of losing money

Users’ irrational economic behaviour keeps them under the fear of making a mistake on any financial software that could lead them to incur losses. Addressing this fear, especially among the new users, is a big challenge that we solve using our own fintech design framework.

Scalable design system

The fintech industry is growing rapidly. There are likely chances that there might arise a need to redesign the software as per the changing user needs, technology changes, or law changes. This makes it important for the design to have the potential to evolve in the future and be scalable.

Fintech design: 5 things to consider

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The main job was to be a design partner in their product building process. We were tasked with optimising the existing UX of their Singapore focused app, designing new features and modifying the user flows as per the regulatory norms. We also redesigned the app modelled for another Southeast Asian country.

Octifi Case Study

"The Tcules team is clearly brilliant in UX/UI works. They are intuitive, empirical and are very effective communicators. These characteristics they possess has made it a clear joy to work with them."

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    What separates Tcules from other fintech designers in the industry?

    At Tcules, we realise that fintech is in a relatively nascent stage. This means constant iterations to the products and a general hesitancy among people to try new things. We help combat these issues by creating flexible and scalable design systems, involving visual styles inducing trust and offering convenience that supports seamless transactions using third-party software. This helps minimise fear in people who are not financially literate and helps provide a frictionless user onboarding experience.

    How can Tcules help you achieve your business goals?

    As a UX design agency with expertise in fintech design, we understand that one of the primary goals of fintech is to serve the unmet financial needs of an underserved segment of the population. And one of the key roadblocks for fintech products is high user drop-offs during onboarding, a complex user journey etc. We can design products that help resolve these.

    How can our designs benefit your users?

    Being a domain involving money, we understand that trust, transparency, reliability and confidence are key factors users look for when choosing a fintech product. Thus, we aim to create designs that not only have a good UI but also feel natural and intuitive for the user to use.

    Does Tcules work with global fintech startups?

    Yes. We recently worked with a Singapore based Y-combinator backed startup and are constantly looking for interesting international opportunities to collaborate on.

    How much do fintech projects usually cost?

    Given the variation in the complexity of each fintech project, it is very difficult to give an upfront average cost. But, we usually charge $25 to $50 per hour based on the intricacies and size of the project. And our typical UX projects range anywhere between $5,000 to $25,000 and could go well above $50,000 depending on the scope.

    Will our redesign have any impact on your existing business?

    Most redesign projects do not have any impact on the business. However, it is important to note that the larger the magnitude of the project, the higher the chances of there being a minor impact.